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Cultural Commission: Garry Mac


In February 2014, we were able to award two LGBT History Month Cultural Commissions with funding provided by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.  Gary was one of the successful applicants, commissioned to create LGBT themed animation shorts. 

Throughout 2014, Garry interviewed members of the LGBT community in Scotland. Their stories, anecdotes and experiences will be animated to form a comprehensive picture of how things have changed over the years, highlighting shared experiences across the generations.

"The original idea for the commission was to create four 5 minute animations - each one covering the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender segments of the acronym. It very quickly became obvious after the first couple of interviews that people don’t identify in such narrow silos. Therefore, the commission will now be one ten minute animation with a more general theme.

The source interviews have been with community members and have focussed on their life experiences. I’ve been asking them to speak to me about how they identify themselves – asking them to share their coming out stories with me and trying to get a sense of how they as individual ‘selfs’ fit in to their community.

My initial idea was to compare the experiences of younger LGBT people against those who are older. I’ve tried to speak with a range of individuals across traditional age, gender and sexuality boundaries. I’ve interviewed people in Edinburgh, Inverness and Glasgow, and spoke to others who are further away via Skype.

The impact of the commission upon me has been great - I really hope that this comes through in the work. I’ve had to shed a lot of my own assumptions and have been surprised by how happy folk are to talk about themselves. In talking about the LGBT labels I’ve really had to ask if these labels are enough for us? It’s made me question my own use of labels. 

My own self-perception as a queer artist is changing. I’m becoming much more ‘small p political’ in my outlook and in my work."

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